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Hello tumblr friends and new followers! I’m trying to raise a bit of money towards printing/supplies/etc for a project in the works. I have a color postcard set of four(1 is 4” x 6”, the other 3 are 3.5” x 5.5”), a letterpress postcard (this will be in silver, all out of the black) and Twinge, a 78-page newsprint booklet that I worked with a group of people on as part of a class publication, acting as co-editor, and did a few drawings for. Themed on humiliation, it features some wonderful writing, photography and illustration! I have just a few copies left. 

If you’re interested in either or both and have a couple/few bucks to spare, I’d love to mail these out to happy sets of eyes and hands:

Reblogs and such are much appreciated! 

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